Romanian patients spend most for treatment in Austria

Romanians are paying the most money to private clinics in Vienna than any other Europeans.

More and more Romanians are now heading to Austria for medical treatment and are reportedly now spending more on health care here than any other Europeans.

That was the claim made at a health fair in Bucharest where it was reported that about 10,000 Romanians had used clinics and hospitals in Vienna.

They are currently second in a top of foreign patients paying for medical services there, after the Russians, said Bianca Barb – spokesperson for PremiQaMed Management GmbH during the 22nd Rommedica Fair in Bucharest.

‘Most Romanians who can afford an international insurance would rather go for Austrian clinics in the International arena. Currently, we have offers of five clinics and hospitals, apart from the AKH Hospital in Vienna, we also have an offer for a recovery clinic in Baden” Barb said.