Injured Austrian soldier to be flown home from Kosovo

A soldier from Upper Austria who was seriously injured whilst on operation in Kosovo is to be flown home today (Weds). The KFOR (Kosovo Force) troops came under attack from Serbians in northern Kosovo during a demonstration on Monday afternoon.

Boxed in by road blocks the soldiers, who were from Austria and Germany, were pelted with Molotov cocktails and explosives. A 24-year-old corporal from Ried im Innkreis in Austria suffered a lung contusion and is to be taken by an intensive care unit plane back to his home country. The Hercules C-130 is scheduled to leave Linz-Hörsching at 11am today (Weds) and return with the injured soldier at 5pm this afternoon.

In the meantime some KFOR troops who were previously stationed in the north are being relocated to help with the situation in the south with more support being brought in from Austria and Germany.