Hungarian stabs boyfriend

A Hungarian woman and her boyfriend had to be hospitalised after a violent night-time argument.

The 30-year-old attacked her partner, 31, with a knife in their apartment in Wels, Upper Austria, last night (Sun/Mon). She suffered injuries herself in the brawl, according to local police. Officials are set to question the woman trying to find out whether she was trying to kill herself after seriously injuring her boyfriend.

Meanwhile, a 51-year-old resident of a social housing institution in Schönau in Upper Austria’s Freistadt district was found dead. His body was discovered on Saturday morning, it was announced yesterday. Police arrested two suspects. The men also resided in the same building. They were hitchhiking in an alleged attempt to flee. The duo are accused of killing the man during a drunken row.

A pimp was put in custody after admitting to having beaten up a prostitute on a regular basis “for not earning enough money”. The man was arrested in Graz, according to a statement issued by police in the Styrian city on Thursday. Officials identified the offender as a 44-year-old Romanian. His victim – a woman, 35, from Romania – is recovering from the most recent beating in a local clinic.

Two men were taken to a clinic in Linz when a verbal argument among drug dealers and addicts got out of hands last Wednesday. Police in the provincial capital of Linz said that the quarrel turned into a knife fight, adding that the injured men were aged between 17 and 19. Police did not say whether the duo were dealers or consumers of illegal substances.

Police in the Styrian town of Voitsberg are currently investigating an attack on a man. The 64-year-old man was beaten up and robbed on his way home from a night out on Friday. The gang, who are on the run, took his wallet containing around 70 Euros, according to a local radio station’s weekend news broadcast.