Carinthian police catch Croat cocaine dealer

A 38-year-old Croatian has been arrested for selling drugs in Carinthia and Salzburg.

Police in Villach, Carinthia, announced today (Tues) the man was put in custody last week. They said he dealt with “large amounts” of cocaine, explaining that he added milk powder before selling the illegal substance to his clients

In related news, police in Eisenstadt announced today they smashed a Vietnamese gang of drug dealers caught growing 2,100 cannabis plans at three indoor plantations in Burgenland and Lower Austria.

It emerged already last week that 35 hashish plants were found in a flat of a resident of Villach. The substances discovered by police officers in the 41-year-old man’s apartment would have earned him around 60,000 Euros if being sold illegally, according to investigators.