Marriage conman caught

Police are looking for possible more victims of a marriage impostor after four women already came forward.

Officials in Vienna announced yesterday (Weds) that Zaman Denli could have received 175,000 Euros from Austrian women after promising to marry them. The Turk started defrauding women in 2004, according to investigators. One of his victims told the police she gave him her limousine as a present before he made off to his homeland. Officials found out that he married a woman there while his Austrian victims ended up with nothing but huge losses.

The criminal allegedly suffered several business bankruptcies before tricking women out of their assets. The 36-year-old man, who is in custody awaiting charges, is understood to have managed a pub and a company importing olive oil and other products from Turkey. Both projects flopped and left him with high debts, according to reports by Viennese newspapers. The newspaper also disclosed that one of his victims decided not to prepare legal action against the man in contrast to the three other women who had already got in touch with the police.

Police in Vienna also announced that two young men suspected of injuring pedestrians, cyclists and drivers in at least 18 air gun attacks will remain in preventive detention. The duo, both aged 20, were tracked down and arrested last week. They started to randomly fire at people in August but stopped when the series started to dominate the headlines.

Juridical officials will decide in around two weeks whether the men – a company clerk and an unemployed friend – will remain in custody until their trial starts. The offenders made contradictory statements in first hearings, according to reports. While one of them admitted having used the weapon to attack humans, his accomplice claimed he had only driven the car. However, the man who admitted the usage said his friend turned the revolver at people too.