Elderly man falls into river trying to pat dog

Courageous citizens have rescued a pensioner from a raging river.The 65-year-old man lost his balance and fell over when he bent down to stroke his dog as he took the canine for a stroll along the Salzach River in the city of Salzburg yesterday afternoon (Tues).Three people did not hesitate to leap into the ice-cold stream to get the pensioner out. The man sustained mild hypothermia and head injuries in the incident. He was hospitalised.Only some weeks ago, a quick-thinking pensioner saved his wife’s life by tying her to a rock with lashing straps after realising he was unable to get her out the river she plunged into on his own.The woman, 83, was saved by fire fighters and transported to a clinic. Her 82-year-old husband’s unusual act was praised as “brave and correct” by officials in Oberzeiring, Styria.