Swimmer trapped in sand hole

A Swimming World Championship hopeful had to be freed from a large hole in a complex operation on Sunday.Jakub Maly from Eisenstadt in the eastern Austrian province of Burgenland dug the two-metre deep hole before jumping in for fun at Pomano Beach in Florida, United States. It took the more than 50 rescuers two hours to free the 19-year-old who is currently preparing in Florida for upcoming swimming tournaments.A fire brigade official said today (Tues) Maly was in danger of being crushed by the pressure created by the sand as he sank deeper and deeper. He was provided with an oxygen mask during the intricate rescue bid.The talented swimmer – a member of the Austrian Olympic team – was hospitalised after rescuers managed to free him. He was discharged the following day. Information on Maly’s injuries has been withheld.Sport experts say Maly has the potential to fill the gap Olympic silver medallist Markus Rogan, 29, may leave in a few years time. The talented swimmer made headlines by winning 11 medals at the juniors’ national championship last August.