Austrian population on the rise

The number of people living in Austria is increasing, figures presented today (Fri) confirm.Statistic authority Statistik Austria said Austria had 8.402 million residents as of 1 January 2011, 0.3 per cent or 27,600 more than on the same day of last year.Vienna registered the most significant year on year increase among the country’s nine provinces at 0.9 per cent. Apart from Vienna, just Tyrol had an above average population increase at 0.4 per cent. Carinthia was the only political region which registered fewer citizens last month than in January. The southern province suffered a 0.2 per cent  decline.Figures presented today also show that the number of foreigners registered in Austria rose. Around 927,000 people from other European Union (EU) member states and non-EU countries lived in Austria on 1 January 2011 – 32,000 more than on the first day of the previous year (plus 3.6 per cent).An overall seven million people lived in Austria in the early 1960s.News that Austria’s population is increasing comes days after it was announced that 6,190 people became Austrian citizens in 2010, down by 22.5 per cent.Statistik Austria said 22.5 per cent of new Austrians migrated from Bosnia-Herzegovina, while 15 per cent have a Turkish background.