Another aerial bomb found at Vienna building site

Workers assigned to build Vienna’s new main train station have discovered a 250-kilo aerial bomb just days after a similar wartime missile was discovered at the building site.Police said tenants had to be evacuated from approximately 100 apartments located near the large construction site after staff came across the bomb this morning (Fri). It took a team of explosives experts around two hours to defuse and remove the World War Two (WWII) era bomb.The operation was carried out after construction workers discovered an aerial bomb weighing around 250 kilograms just a few hundred metres away at the same building site in Favoriten district on Tuesday.The construction site on the grounds of the former Südbahnhof southern has a size of 109 hectares, making it as large as the city’s Josefstadt district.Building activities started last year, and the goal is to put a part of the station into operation next year before all services are up and running in 2015.Office facilities of 550,000 square metres and 5,000 flats are currently also being constructed at the estate located alongside the busy Gürtel road.