Workers find WWII bombs

Six aerial bombs were unearthed during a week of construction activities in Styria.Local police said today (Fri) the World War Two (WWII) missiles were discovered by workers at a bridge leading over the Mur River near Pernegg in the past few days.The US army bombs were removed by explosives experts from the federal interior ministry. The team said none of the 50-kilo objects posed any danger since they lacked detonators.A hydropower plant near Pernegg was a key target of the allied troops during WWII.The discoveries come shortly after a live WWII bomb was found at the Albern harbour in Vienna-Simmering.More than 2,000 people had to be evacuated while experts defused the 250-kilo aerial bomb. Officials said the missile could have exploded anytime as it featured two detonators.Around 28 tons of unexploded missiles from World War One (WWI) and WWII were found and defused in Austria in 2009. The interior ministry has not yet provided figures for the past year.