Jewellery robbery suspect nabbed on football pitch

A man accused of being behind a robbery in Austria has been arrested on a soccer ground in Romania.Marius Crasmaru was detained as he played football with friends in Botosani, northern Romania.The 22-year-old Romanian is suspected of stealing a unique bracelet made of 74 diamonds and other trinkets worth more than 23,000 Euros altogether from a jewellery shop in Tulln, Lower Austria, in February 2010.The shop owner offered a 5,000-Euro reward to catch the person who robbed his store.Crasmaru was wanted since November when an international arrest warrant was issued on his name by an Austrian court after police investigations suggested he may have carried out the crime. He was transferred to Austria to be questioned by police.The Romanian Times reports that two alleged accomplices of the jewellery theft suspect – a 37-year-old Romanian woman and a 31-year-old Romanian man – were arrested in the Czech Republic last October.Statistics have shown that Romanians make up the largest group among foreigners serving time in jails across Austria, followed by Nigerians and Serbians.