Lucky cow

Cow lucky can you get?This terrified heifer that hoofed it when
she broke out of a slaughterhouse in Bergheim, Austria, has been rescued
after a millionaire businessman adopted her.The panicked animal
now named Isabella trampled over fields after the escape bid – crossing
busy main roads as police tried to cordon her off so she could be
returned to the abattoir.Eventually as these dramatic pictures
show they called in vets that shot the animal with a tranquilliser drug,
and animal rescue workers then dragged her to the ground so the drug
could take effect.Rescuer Martin Wallisch, 37, added: “She
probably knew what was waiting for her at the slaughterhouse, they can
smell the blood. But she won’t have to go back there – she will now be
allowed to live her days out in peace on the estate of Mr Michael
Aufhauser.”It was pretty dangerous – she was running in front of
big lorries on main roads and through hedges – she just wanted to
escape from that place.”She has now been whisked off to the businessman’s estate after he agreed to buy her.Aufhauser,
51, explained: “She was scared, aggressive and hurt on one hind hoof.
They know what is going to happen to them in the slaughterhouse.””We
call her Isabella and she’s starting to make friends with the other
cows. She’s still a bit nervous but soon she will be happy and peaceful
once she knows she can trust us.”