Woman accused of stabbing boyfriend´s dog 25 times

A 38-year-old woman is suspected of having stabbed her life partner’s dog 25 times.The Havenese dog called Falko was discovered locked up in the shower by his 43-year-old owner when he returned from a night out on Saturday. The man’s girlfriend had left the party earlier after a serious argument with her partner. After making the discovery the man rushed the canine to a vet in Deutschlandsberg, Styria.The doctor treated the six-year-old animal’s 25 stab wounds. None of them are life-threatening, according to local newspaper reports from today (Mon).The woman claimed she had only defended herself after the dog attacked her. A local clinic confirmed that she underwent treatment for bite wounds the same night.Prosecutors are currently examining the incident. The woman faces one year in jail if authorities decide to press charges for cruelty against animals.