More snow ahead for Austria

Vast parts of Austria must brace themselves for more snow, it has been announced.Weather forecasts from today (Thurs) show that the whole west of the country will be hit by intensive snowfall from tomorrow morning. Conditions in the eastern flatlands will, however, be mostly dry and sunny. Traffic in the east was especially badly affected by unusually high amounts of snow yesterday and on Tuesday.Vienna’s Centre for Meteorology and Geodynamics (ZAMG) said today that temperatures at an altitude of 2,000 metres will range between minus 14 and minus 10 degrees centigrade tomorrow morning. The low parts of Lower Austria, the province of Burgenland and the Vienna area will experience strong winds once more in the early morning hours tomorrow.A bit of snow is predicted in the Austrian Alps for the weekend, whereas the eastern part of the country will most likely be spared from substantial snowfall. Meteorologists expect rainfall and milder temperatures for the west on Monday and Tuesday of next week.Meanwhile, drivers associations and traffic experts criticised foreign truck drivers for mostly ignoring Austria’s snow chain regulations.Dozens of lorries got stuck on snow-covered motorways and pass roads across the country earlier this month and in late November. Most vehicles belonging to Austrian hauliers were equipped appropriately.