AUA reports second Fokker 100 incident in few weeks

An Austrian Airlines (AUA) plane is to undergo investigation after pilots were incorrectly informed about problems with the landing gear on Sunday night.The company said today (Tues) the pilots of the Fokker 100 jet which departed from Vienna International Airport (VIA) informed the 81 passengers to prepare for a possible landing operation without an operating landing gear when heading towards Minsk, the capital of Belarus.Cockpit displays claimed the main landing gear had failed to automatically activate just moments before the plane was set to touch down at Minsk International Airport.AUA explained the landing occurred with a 25-minute delay but without any compilations since the landing gear was fully operating. Technicians will examine the plane to find out why its electronics informed pilots of problems with the landing gear.Only last month, a Fokker 100 en route from Vienna to Nice, France, operated by AUA was forced to land at Salzburg Airport due to cracks in the cockpit window.Its pilot decided to touch down after just 25 minutes of flight time when he noticed the damages.AUA, which was acquired by German airline Lufthansa last year, stressed that none of the 68 passengers were injured. They continued their journey on another plane.