Passenger left in bus by driver found dead

A man left lying in a bus in Vienna by the driver at the end of his shift was found dead the next morning, it has emerged.Newspapers in the capital report today (Fri) that the body of a 40-year-old man was discovered in a N43 “Nightline” bus in transport agency Wiener Linien’s bus garage by cleaners the next morning last weekend.Some dailies claim that it was common practice among drivers to let dosing passengers sleeping it off inside the vehicle. One report quotes a driver as saying: “If someone is lying on one of the seats and we are unable to wake him up, we usually leave the doors open after parking the buses. They are normally all gone in the morning.”Wiener Linien said the driver was immediately suspended after the incident emerged. He may face criminal charges if an autopsy, set to be carried out later today or tomorrow, shows that the person was still alive while the bus was in operation.News of the fatality in a bus of the company’s fleet follow the suspension of a tram driver for working while being high on drugs. The 25-year-old was suspended after a medical test was carried out. Wiener Linien refused to reveal which substances the man had consumed.