Delivery man fakes accident after casino losses

A scheming parcel delivery man accused paramedics of stealing from him after losing more than 1,000 Euros of customersÂ’ money in the casino.Police said today (Tues) the man from southern Styria deliberately steered his car against a lamppost on the L208 main road on Saturday. He told doctors in hospital two paramedics took money out of his car while their colleagues looked after him. The 21-year-old also tried to claim 10,000 Euros from his car insurance following the accident.The man eventually admitted his wrongdoings after being caught out giving contradictory statements. He claimed he feared losing his job. The offender now faces fraud and libel charges. His employer decided to sack him on the spot.The news come days after police in Deutschlandsberg, Styria, said a 36-year-old asset consultant was accused of gambling away 350,000 Euros of his clients’ money in casinos