Special police unit arrests rioting drinker

A special police squad had to be called out to save a waitress from an angry drinker.The 31-year-old man started to throw with bottles when the employee at the pub in Vienna-Hernals refused to serve him any more drinks last night (Sun).The woman called police claiming the rioter also pointed a gun at her. Officers at the local station decided to ask WEGA for help.The man was searched but the WEGA team did not find any weapons. He was put in custody after a breathalyser test showed he was seriously drunk.The man may face charges for trying to injure the waitress – and a bill by the publican for the damages he caused at the venue.This incident comes just days after police in Mürzzuschlag, Styria, arrested a drunk 39-year-old man for threatening his grandmother, 85, with a rifle.