Inmate knocks out warden in failed escape attempt

A Romanian criminal tried to lock a prison warden in his own cell in a failed bid to escape on Monday night.One warden in a jail in Vienna-Mariahilf opened Liviu B.’s cell after the 22-year-old claimed he needed to go to the toilet.The man – in custody after he was caught driving a stolen car the previous day – punched the officer in the face. Two wardens managed to overpower the offender after hearing their colleague’s cries for help at the very moment he tried to lock him up in the cell.Statistics have shown that Romanians make up the largest group among the 47 per cent of foreign prisoners serving time across Austria, followed by Nigerians and Serbians.Around 895,000 foreigners – 10.7 per cent of the overall population – including 63,000 Romanians live in Austria. Germans are the largest group (230,000) followed by people from the former Yugoslav countries of Serbia, Kosovo and Montenegro (207,000) and Turks (183,000).