Gas leak stops train service in Tyrol

Traffic on a major railway route in Tyrol had to be closed down this morning (Thurs) after workers discovered a leak in a rail tanker.Federal Railways (ÖBB) announced that staff had noticed gas escaping from a wagon at Kufstein station. Officials decided to evacuate the venue and halt traffic for around an hour as a precaution.Examinations showed that the gas had a temperature of minus 194 degrees centigrade and that it posed no danger to humans. Police said further investigations would be carried out to clarify why the gas had escaped from the tanker. No one was injured, they added.Meanwhile, German national railway company Deutsche Bahn (DB) is under fire after one of its trains had to be replaced en route following complaints about itching pains by dozens of passengers.ÖBB said earlier this week that it provided wagons of its own in Innsbruck so people traveling on a DB train from Italian capital Rome to Munich, Germany, could continue their journey.DB and ÖBB employees found that several of the replaced train’s compartments were infested with bedbugs.DB stressed that all passengers had received undisclosed financial compensation.