Vienna cabbie ‘robbed pensioner’

A Vienna taxi driver is being sought by police after attacking and robbing an elderly fare.Police in the capital said today (Weds) an 80-year-old woman had reported being punched by the cabbie when she took out her purse full of large bank notes to pay him last night (Tues/Weds). The pensioner said he then drove off with several hundred Euro leaving her to stagger home.She only reported the incident after telling a friend about it, officers saidA Salzburg taxi driver is meanwhile in court for locking in a fare who failed to pay up.The 51-year-old is accused of shutting all the car’s doors after the male passenger, 54, admitted he was unable to foot the 39.80-Euro bill in the incident last April.The cabbie claimed he told the fare he was taking him to a police station to solve the matter, while the passenger – who smashed one of the vehicle’s windows in panic – told judges he had been locked in.The fare pressed deprivation of liberty charges. The case continues.