‘Roof blaze’ was swarm of fireflies

Graz firemen were called to evacuate a busy city centre square after a man mistook a swarm of fireflies for a burning roof.Officials said today (Fri) fire-fighters decided to shutdown the bustling Franziskaner Square – a popular night-time entertainment location housing several restaurants and pubs – when a caller claimed the roof of an apartment building was ablaze Wednesday night.The ban was lifted half an hour later as firemen realised the restaurant guest’s mistake. They said powerful floodlights pointed towards the Franziskaner Church attracted thousands of glow worms, giving the informant the impression that a building opposite the chapel was on fire.Vienna newspapers meanwhile claim construction entrepreneurs could face a hefty compensation bill after four gas bottles exploded in unclear circumstances at a multi-storey building site last Wednesday.Reports say parts of the roof of the building in Favoriten district were hurled several hundreds metres, with some of them landing on parked cars and in the outdoor area of a kindergarten.Neither residents in adjacent flats nor the three builders carrying out welding work when the gas bottles detonated were harmed.A massive dust cloud triggered by the fire was visible from almost every part of the federal capital.