Woman kidnaps baby as mum tries on clothes

A woman from Salzburg was reunited with her baby five hours after the girl was kidnapped at a shopping centre.Nina Zwilling was in an H&M store in Salzburg’s Europark mall when she noticed that baby Nora was no longer in her cradle yesterday morning (Weds).The mother-of-three – who was also accompanied by her two-year-old boy – informed police who immediately shut down the complex and searched all of the 3,000 shoppers who wanted to leave the shopping centre at the final open entrance.Investigators checking CCTV footage found that a woman carrying a baby in a black travel bag had been in the underground car park, and realised that the suspect had probably already left the building.Zwilling, 34, who was shown the footage and realised that the woman was the same one who had approached her when she arrived at the Europapark.”She said to me that there have been some complications when she gave birth to a baby three weeks ago,” she told police.More than 200 Austrian and German police officers launched a cross-country search involving helicopters in the Austrian provinces of Salzburg and Tyrol and in neighbouring Bavaria for the suspect.Investigators meanwhile found out that she lived in Tyrol. Residents of her hometown told police she had been pushing an empty baby buggy for some time.The kidnapper was eventually found by police at a supermarket in Bavaria, Germany, in the afternoon.The woman, 32, led officers to the baby who she had left lying in the car at a nearby car park. The unharmed child was reunited with her parents after a doctor examined the girl.Police in Traunstein, Germany, have started to interview the woman who remains in custody. Authorities said they were currently trying to find out whether she suffered a miscarriage over her claims that she recently had given birth to a child.