Authorities quarrel over Nazi criminal’s health bills

Austrian authorities are at odds over the health bill of an alleged World War Two criminal.Josias Kumpf was extradited aged 84 to Austria from the United States in April 2009. The Austrian-born man is accused of being involved in the shooting of 8,000 Jewish women, men and children while working as a guard at Trawniki concentration camp in 1943.Kumpf was hospitalised at several hospitals and care centres in the province of Vorarlberg due to his frail condition.Now the provincial health authority has called on the federal interior ministry for compensation of its costs of 24,000 Euros. Rudolf Gollia, a spokesman for the ministry, however stressed today (Tues) that it “does not feel responsible”.Kumpf, who has a family in the USA, died in Vienna on 15 October 2009.