Hiker hospitalised after snakebite

A hiker had to spend the night in intensive care after he was bitten by a crossed viper.Lower Austrian Franz Seiberl said today (Weds) he tried to scare away a few of the poisonous snakes – which are also known as European adders – when he spotted them winding towards him on a hiking path at Bürger Alp near Mariazell, Styria, at the weekend.”I realised I’d made the wrong decision when one of them bit me. My hand quickly started to swell and I felt dizzy. I also found it more and more difficult to breathe too. I planned to see a doctor at St. Pölten hospital. I passed out on the train home. That’s all I can remember,” the 45-year-old, who was hiking with a group of pals, said.Seiberl was helicoptered to a hospital in Amstetten where he is recovering.”I feel much better now,” he told nurses.