Woman’s ‘Vertical Limit’ parking blunder becomes internet hit

A Salzburg woman made herself a worldwide laughing stock as her car was raised by an opening car park gate.The woman – who has not been identified by officials – wanted to leave the underground car park of the city’s Europark shopping centre Thursday evening. Not having realised that the gate has not yet fully opened, she crashed into it. Her Renault Clio was pulled up by the gate which was in the opening process.The unlucky driver and her three pals managed to climb out of the car through the back doors.Witness Michael Rihm, who filmed the incident, said yesterday (Mon): “I really felt sorry for her as the car was dangling vertically in the air.”The Renault is a write-off after it crashed on the ground as firemen tried to bring it down safely with a special crane.Europark spokeswoman Brigitte Biberger said: “We are relieved no one was injured in the incident.”Officials said the driver’s insurance will come up for the damaged car park gate, adding that it will not compensate her with a new car.Video footage of the unusual incident has in the meantime become an internet sensation. Hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world have watched the clip posted in YouTube and other websites.