Austria tops EU drinking study

Austria tops a study researching drinking habits of people in the European Union (EU).Fifteen per cent of Austrians said they would drink alcohol four to five times a week. This is a higher percentage than in any other EU member state, according to the European Commission’s (EC) Eurobarometer poll.Bulgarian came second with 14 per cent ahead of Italy and Romania with 13 per cent each. Estonia and Latvia have the smallest percentage of residents drinking four to five times a week with three per cent each, according to the study.Eurobarometer also found that more than one in three Austrians have consumed five or more alcoholic beverages at one instance at least once last year.Ireland came first with a share of 44 per cent, followed by Romania (39 per cent). Germany and Austria shared third place with 36 per cent each, while Latvia came last with just 11 per cent.Other international studies presented earlier this year revealed Austria has the most teenage smokers and ranks high when it comes to young people who have taken part in binge-drinking sessions.