Jailed brothel boss found commanding prostitution ring

Graz officials have said a jailed Bulgarian brothel owner is accused of organising a prostitution ring from behind bars.Prosecutors said today (Fri) the woman, 51, had over the last year and a half arranged for seven Bulgarian prostitutes aged between 20 and 29 to be sent to Austria.Investigators found the woman had made calls worth 7,000 Euros a month from a mobile smuggled into her cell.The trafficked women had to hand over all of their personal documents and IDs to accomplices before being sent to work at Graz night clubs.The woman who is serving time in Leoben, Styria, for organising a criminal organisation and blackmailing is thought to have had help from her son, 33, and her 28-year-old boyfriend. Both have been put into custody in Graz-Jakomini prison pending further investigation.