Woman attacks tourist after watching ‘Charmed’

A deranged Vienna woman claimed she was ordered to stab someone by “a monster” after watching an episode of the supernatural series “Charmed”.The 20-year-old, who suffers from borderline syndrome, according to her lawyer, drove to Vienna International Airport (VIA) earlier this year and attacked a German woman with a kitchen knife. The tourist from Berlin managed to fend off the assault.The defendant told judges at a Viennese court yesterday (Weds) she had heard a voice after watching US television hit “Charmed” about three good witches before grabbing a knife and leaving her flat to obey its order.”There was this monster in me who warned me not to be a coward,” she said.The woman is expected to be sent to a psychiatric clinic. The trial, however, was adjourned since the victim of her attack did not turn up.