Man jailed for biting off girlfriend’s nose

A Salzburg man was sentenced to 18 months and fined 2,000 Euros for biting off part of his girlfriendÂ’s nose during a drunken night-time argument.Judge Bettina Maxones-Kurkowski heard how Wolfgang S. attacked his 28-year-old girlfriend in their bedroom in an argument which earlier started when the couple went to a night club.”I threw the roses he gave me on the floor since he had been drinking nonstop for three days. Then he attacked me,” the woman, who left the 36-year-old after the incident, said.”Such an attack does not happen coincidentally. You need to be very powerful and determined to injure a person that badly,” the judge explained when reading out the verdict yesterday (Mon).She said the man would have to serve six months while the rest of the 18-month sentence would be suspended depending on his behaviour in jail.The victim hopes plastic surgeons can repair her nose by transplanting part of her ear on it later this month.