Farmer hospitalised after pinned under tractor

A farmer was seriously injured when he was pinned beneath his tractor yesterday (Thurs), police said.The 71-year-old man was driving through woods near Neusiedl in Lower Austria’s Zwettl district when his tractor veered off the track and rolled down a four-metre embankment, rolling over twice.He was thrown from the tractor and ended up pinned underneath it. Rescuers took him to a clinic in Krems by helicopter.In another accident, a 70-year-old woman was run over by her tractor on Monday near Illing in Upper Austria’s Ried im Innkreis district, police said.The woman had driven to a meadow where bales of hay had been left. When she stopped the tractor on a steep slope, she failed to engage the handbrake properly.The tractor rolled downhill, knocking her over, and the left rear tyre ran over her.The woman’s daughter, 49, found her and called rescuers, who took her to a hospital by helicopter.Last month, a seriously injured tractor driver survived six hours in the open in the early hours in a meadow near Kilb in Lower Austria’s Melk district.Police said the 48-year-old had been driving home on a country lane shortly after midnight when the tractor tumbled down an embankment and came to rest in the meadow.A passerby came upon the man at 6:15 in the morning and called rescuers, who took him to a Linz hospital.