Strong support for legal euthanasia

Most Austrians think euthanasia in the final stage of a lethal disease should go unpunished, a poll has shown.Vienna-based research agency Karmasin said it had interviewed 500 Austrians for its weekly poll for news magazine profil.The pollsters announced 46 per cent of questioned people had said doctors who carry out euthanasia on patients suffering from a fatal disease in its terminal stage should not face charges.Karmasin said 26 per cent thought euthanasia should remain illegal in Austria.The news comes days after another poll had shown a majority of Austrians supported legalising euthanasia.Graz Medical University officials said 66 per cent of people they had spoken with had said they would support euthanasia by doctors on patients who requested it.The percentage was 13 percentage points higher than in a similar study carried out ten years ago, it was announced.