Statham considers Bond

Jason Statham has revealed he could imagine becoming the next James Bond.

The action film star told Austrian magazine TV Woche: “I could imagine taking this classic role. I have been told that my name was discussed. No one has ever approached me though.”

Statham added: “Sylvester Stallone once told me jokingly: ‘If you become James Bond, I’ll be your Miss Moneypenny.’ I’d certainly be on board with Stallone as my secretary!”

The Briton – who worked as a street vendor to make ends meet before director Guy Ritchie discovered his acting skills – also admitted he felt “truly honoured” when Stallone described him as his worthy successor. “He is serious when he says something nice,” Statham explained.

Statham starred alongside martial arts ace Jet Li and veteran action movie star Dolph Lundgren in Stallone’s “The Expendables”. The film’s sequel will be in cinemas next year.

Asked whether he would like to try himself in more serious drama roles, the “Crank” star told TV Woche: “I’m happy. It would be inappropriate to complain about my career. It seems Hollywood still wants to see me as the ‘man in action’. Maybe I’m not the kind of guy to play serious roles. After all, I am a kid of the street. (…) It seems no one in Hollywood has so far noticed that I’m not really an actor.”