Mozart exposed as copycat

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart copied the work of a contemporary to use parts of it in his own symphonies, researchers have revealed.The Stiftung Mozarteum (Mozarteum Foundation) in Salzburg said today (Thurs) that the celebrated composer transcribed a composition by Michael Haydn in 1783. The organisation’s investigations show that some pieces of music by Mozart from that period resemble the creations of Haydn. It explained that music experts and audiences in the 19th century wrongly assumed that a certain composition by Haydn was created by Mozart.The Stiftung Mozarteum paid 120,000 Euros to get hold of Mozart’s scribble in an auction. The document will go on display at the institution’s Mozart library which features many letters, sheets of music and other transcripts by the famous Austrian composer.Salzburg, Mozart’s birthplace, benefits from the hype around the musical genius. Hotels and guesthouses in the city registered 2.2 million overnight stays last year. Events and special city tours dedicated to Mozart – who died at the age of 35 in 1791 – make Salzburg one of the strongest assets of the Austrian tourism industry.