Cher on gay hairdressers and Aguilera

Pop star Cher has claimed gay men have more fun.Asked by the Salzburger Nachrichten newspaper whether she is proud of being an icon for many homosexuals, the 64-year-old said today (Mon): “I got kind of a romance with all gay men since I was 12. The first homosexuals were friends of my mother. They were all hairdressers – a terrible cliché, but it’s true!”The singer and actor added: “I thought to myself: ‘Hey, these guys have more fun than any other men I’ve ever met!’ I was fascinated.”The Academy Award laureate explained: “I think gay men know what it’s like to be outsiders. We just understand each other.”Speaking about starring alongside singer Christina Aguilera in the new musical movie “Burlesque”, Cher said: “We didn’t know each other before and met at the set for the first time. I assumed she might be a bit nervous so I decided to write to her in advance. I told her: ‘Don’t worry, I’m on your side. I won’t let you look silly, and I won’t do anything that could hurt you.’ We’re great friends now.”