3D will revolutionise film industry, Anderson says

“Resident Evil: Afterlife” director Paul W. S. Anderson has claimed that 3D technology will substantially change the movie business.Anderson, who also directed the first film adaptation of the series based on the popular PC game in 2002, told the Salzburger Nachrichten newspaper today (Thurs): “I have had my doubts about 3D technology films for a long time. I watched many of these movies in the old days and found them rather unsatisfying.”Anderson stressed that he was fascinated by the technology used for James Cameron’s blockbuster “Avatar”.”I was allowed to watch half an hour of the film when it was still in the post production stage. I immediately realised two things: first, that Cameron had made an exceptional movie. And second, that the quality of 3D images had reached a new level, different from anything I’d ever seen before.”Anderson – who is married to “Resident Evil” star Milla Jovovich – said he could imagine 3D technology having an impact on the film industry like the change from silent to sound movies or the switch from black and white to colour had once had.The Brit – who also directed the 1995 adventure / martial arts action film “Mortal Kombat” and the 2008 science fiction movie “Death Race” –praised Jovovich as the “secret recipe for success” of the four-piece “Resident Evil” movie series.”These films were made with a lot of passion. I loved doing the first one because I was a huge fan of the game. (…) Milla and I don’t even try splitting business and private life. She started working at age 11 and grew up in the job. I always wanted to become a filmmaker. We love to go to work,” the 45-year-old explained.He added: “The first and this part of the ‘Resident Evil’ series are my best experiences in the film business so far – and I give Milla credit for that.”