New cafe opens in Vienna

Cakes, biscuits and pastries like just those Mami makes are for everyone – including dogs – and can be enjoyed at the newly opened Mami’s Moehspeis in the Margareten district of Vienna.

Daniela Sattler, 34, and her husband came up with the idea of a cafe for all whilst on holiday.

Sattler said: “We just said that my step-mother’s baking is so good, we could sell it.”

That idea came to life when the couple returned to their home in Burgenland. Now, everyone can make the most of Mami’s baked goods in a cosy, “lounge-room” atmosphere.

Everyone is welcome at 72, Schönbrunner Straße – especially four-legged friends.

Piper the Jack-Russel-Terrier is the inspiration behind “Piper’s doggy-biscuits”. Founder Sattler said: “She is just part of our family.”