Lake Constance Cuisine

The area around Lake Constance has always been known for certain culinary specialities, and in May, June and October respectively, a new offer will allow gourmet lovers to visit the lake to take part in a culinary weekend.

The initiative is expected to be well received. As well as cheese specialities from the Vorarlberg region, culinary treats from Bregenz to Feldkirch will be served to create a collection of especially favourable cuisine.

The farmers of the area offer up their own brands of pear and cherry spirits and other traditional products such as organic fruit juices and cider.

These specialities can all be enjoyed during a full week end in Bregenz, with hotels and restaurants in the area offering special prices for tourists who come to enjoy the food.

Trips to the different places where local food is produced are also included in the price, for those who are interested in the way the food gets to the plate from the source.

The initiative exists to attract tourists from all around Europe to the lake, and is an all-inclusive trip including a hotel stay, four-course meals and “gourmet-taxis” to take you to where the different foods can be found.

The initiative is called the “enjoyment rally” and can be booked for May, June and October. For more see: