AUA: 35 Million Euro loss

Austrian Airlines (AUA) made a loss of 35 million Euro in the first half of this year (2013) despite making a profit in the second quarter.

The operating profit of 21 million Euro in the second quarter was not enough to balance out the 35 million Euro loss in the first quarter.

Thus making a 35 million Euro operative loss.

The board of the Lufthansa subsidiary is sticking to the saving programme and expect a stronger second half of the year and hope to move out of the red.

Chairman Jaan Albrecht said: “We are on the right track and believe we will make a good turnaround and reach our aim for 2013. The third quarter will be the deciding one.”

Turnover fell by 5.1 per cent in the first half of the year to 977 million Euro. In the first half of the year three per cent less passengers were carried by the AUA and fewer planes were in operation.

In one weeks time the overhaul of the long haul fleet will be completed.  In the first quarter of 2014 the long haul fleet will be increased to 11 and a new leased Boeing 777 will be added.

On October 30th AUA will announce which long haul destinations will be served on the new flight plan from July 2014.