Tchibo-Eduscho ‘side sales’ prosper

Tchibo-Eduscho, a leading coffee shop company, is making half of its profit with non-food goods, it has been revealed.The German-Austrian company – which runs 140 shops in Austria – said today (Fri) half of its overall turnover is generated by sales of jewellery, household products and clothes it is offering for limited time spans throughout the year.Tchibo-Eduscho’s turnover in Austria edged up by four per cent from 2009 to 2010 to 318 million Euros. The firm remained tight-lipped about profits. Tchibo-Eduscho has 1,250 staff in Austria.Meanwhile, federal statistics agency Statistik Austria explained that a 20 per cent coffee price increase was one of the main reasons that Austrian inflation reached a two-year high at 3.1 per cent last month. Car fuel (plus 21 per cent) and fruit (plus 25 per cent) also became significantly more expensive from March 2010 to the same month this year.