Claro succeeds in Iran

Leading household detergents producer Claro’s business activities in Iran are prospering, it has been revealed.Firm chairman and owner Josef Dygruber said today (Thurs) Claro managed to achieve an annual turnover from operations in the Western Asian country of 650,000 Euros in 2010 after having started doing business there only in the previous year.Dygruber, who stressed he ensures all orders from Iran are paid in advance to avoid Claro getting tangled up in lengthy court battles, also told the Austrian Kurier newspaper that his company is doing well in Spain while measures to become a household name in the Czech Republic and Hungary are ongoing.The Claro boss said his target was to achieve a turnover of 18.2 million Euros this year after last year’s 16.1 million Euros.Claro produces dishwashing detergents, glass-cleaning agents and other housework products at its headquarters in Mondsee, Upper Austria. None of its products contain phosphates or chlorine.