Men exposed as Xmas shopaholics in poll

Men will spend around 100 Euros more on Christmas presents than women, a new survey has revealed.GfK Austria found that male Austrians planned to invest 455 on Christmas gifts for their loved ones, while women were expected to spend an average 356 Euros this year.The agency, which interviewed 500 Austrians aged 15 and older, also said today (Fri) that Austrians’ overall average Christmas presents budget was set to edge up by five Euros from last year’s 391 Euros.GfK Austria also found that most men preferred electric appliances like smartphones and MP3 players – while the majority of women said they planned to surprise their male friends and family members with ties, jumpers and perfumes.Around 50 per cent of Austrians bought vouchers as gifts last year. GfK Austria said only half as many will do so this year.Another result of the body’s November interviews is that the number of Austrians who expected the country’s economy to do better in the near future rose by nine per cent to 45 per cent.Meanwhile, a Karmasin poll showed that 19 per cent of Austrians would appreciate a change of federal trade regulations so shops are allowed to open longer than the current maximum 72 hours per week.The Austrian retail trade could achieve a turnover of 1.75 billion Euros from sales in the weeks leading up to Christmas this year, according to branch representatives.