Siemens €310mn staff bonus ahead

Siemens AG employees all over the world are to receive a 310-million-Euro bonus, it has emerged.Peter Löscher, the Austrian head of the German IT and healthcare company, commented on the recent recession today (Weds), saying: “I’m immensely grateful for what our employees have achieved in these difficult times.”Löscher, who has been named WU Manager 2010 by Vienna’s University of Economics and Business (WU), said the firm’s 400,000 staff across the globe will get a special one-off bonus of worth 310 million Euros overall.The Carinthian businessman further explained that the company board decided to raise the wages of its staff in Germany by 2.7 per cent on 1 February 2011. It had initially planned to do so two months later, he explained.Siemens made 49th place in Interbrand’s Best Global Brands 2010 study after coming 47th in 2009. The market analysis agency said Siemens’ current brand value remained unchanged at 7.315 million US dollars (5.31 million Euros) year on year.