Volkswagen CFO hopeful after ‘promising’ start of the year

German car maker Volkswagen (VW) CFO Hans Dieter Pötsch has revealed that the company has been spending around 600 million Euros on car parts and other purchases in Austria every year.Pötsch said at a business event in Linz last night (Mon) evening that he was optimistic about business this year after an “extraordinarily difficult 2009”.VW suffered a 7.6 per cent year on year drop in turnover to 105.2 billion Euros in 2009, while the number of cars sold worldwide soared by 1.3 million to 6.3 million.Putsch said the start of the year had been a “promising” one for the Wolfsburg-based firm since sales had jumped by 25 per cent year on year.VW has been Austrians’ favourite car brand for years. It topped the chart of cars sold in the country last year, ahead of Opel and Audi.