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02. 11. 11. - 15:33

Owls boss denies Austrian Playboy model takeover

A business tycoon has rubbished claims that an Austrian actress was interested in taking over his shares in a tradition-rich former Premiership club.

Sheffield Wednesday chairman Milan Mandaric announced yesterday (Tues) that reports of a potential takeover by Sybil Danning and her husband Horst Lasse were wrong.

"I can say I have never met or spoken to the people named in this article," the Serbian-American entrepreneur is quoted by the BBC as saying about a report by The Sun. The former Leicester City owner added: "I cannot control what is written or said in the media."

Danning told The Sun that she and her husband "have been looking into buying an English team with a strong fan base and great potential." The actress and businesswoman was born in the Upper Austrian town of Ried im Innkreis.

She is – in contrast to Oscar winners like Maximilian Schell and Christoph Waltz and late movie star Romy Schneider – not a household name in her home country.

Danning – who once stripped naked for Playboy magazine – described the League One side nicknamed The Owls as "one of the most famous names in English football."

The 64-year-old started acting as a teenager. She has starred in a string of low-budget horror films and cult movies over the years.

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  • Joseph Cohen wrote on 03. 11. 2011 from Los Angeles

    And by the way was nominated for Best foreign film for Operation Thunderbolt (The Raid on Entebbe) with Klaus Kinski, which she brought the money and cast Klauis. Get your facts right.


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