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23. 03. 11. - 16:08

USA set to shut neo-Nazi website

An infamous neo-Nazi homepage may go offline soon, it has emerged.

Viennese newspapers report today (Weds) that Austrian prosecutors came to an agreement with authorities in the United States over shutting down the "Alpe-Donau" website.

Austrian Green Party officials have pointed out for months that Austrian neo-Nazis are frequently leaving fascist and racist statements on the internet platform. State prosecutors in Vienna recently started investigations only to find out that they are unable to interfere as the website is run by a server based in the USA.

Now reports have it that Austrian investigators convinced colleagues in the United States that the homepage must be taken off the web although activities on it did not breach any federal laws.

A notification posted on "Alpe-Donau" earlier this week informs visitors that the page will "log off shortly but we will be back."

The internet portal has been in the news as many of its users openly backed the Freedom Party (FP). The party headed by Heinz-Christian Strache is currently the third-strongest faction in the federal parliament in Vienna. It garnered 17.5 per cent in the most recent general election in 2008 and claimed nearly 26 per cent in the Vienna city parliament ballot last October.

Several "Alpe-Donau" users agreed in discussion forums that they were happy about current developments within the FP as far as the right-wing partys ideology and policies were concerned. Strache has emphasised that he and his party are totally disassociating themselves from the website and any fascist and racist propaganda.

The FP used to be Austrias liberal political force but took on a right-wing ideology when Jrg Haider who died in 2008 took over in 1986. Some political analysts have pointed out that the party is more and more focusing on campaigning against Muslims after having criticised Jewish and black people in the past.

Only last month, a lecturer was ordered to pay a fine of 480 Euros for calling Islam "hostile" and the Koran "evil" in a seminar organised by the FP֒s academy which was held in a hotel in Vienna in 2009.

FP General Secretary Harald Vilimsky infuriated political rivals, Muslims and non-government organisations (NGO) last year by calling mosques "hotbeds of radical Islam."

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  • Judas wrote on 27. 05. 2011 from Sky

    This group, actually is not consistent with their principle and their policies.. They are like serpents, with several heads. When they have a target from East Asian background, they collaborate with the Moslems background, and South Asia background, to destroy, play on the target, make drama, brainwashing, sabotaging, leaping, undevelop, falsifying information to invalidate the targets, etc. However when they have a target from moslem background, they collaborate with the others, such as East Asian, Africans, South Asians, etc. They still do the same thing.. In my opinion, also Neo Nazi, should take out their cross (the swastika) from their flag, due the use of the cross, means, the sacrifaction of Jesus, for his mercy and care and love to the humans, and he should do it , to redeem their sins.. However their action, is against the law of Christ, represented in the cross. Also Jesus from Nazareth as the human, he is a Jew, a West Asian. Embarassingly, they also collaborate with the moslems, to destroy the others, their targets. While the targets are same christians, even from Eurasian background. At last, I think, they are not better than a bunch of loosers, same with the terrorist networks, join each other, for their own advantage. When they need something, they might cooperate even with the terrorist themselves, and the mafia members. They work/ operate in smarter and more gentle ways, while actually it is completely NO. Australia is one of the worse ones.. they are like a bunch of ass kissers.. often falsifying information each others.. same like Judas Iscariot.. worse even.. They hate the jews, however when they saw a eurasian, go along with jews. They falsify information, slander everywhere.. same with the some of the terrorists.. turn off the fact.. with a bunch of triad, and mafia.. who provide the money.. One conclusion: they are same with the underground, rebellion to the current world order.. want to coup de tat, the organizations, and all/ some the settled governments.. using those ways.. all "serpents with several heads...."


  • Bill Noble wrote on 23. 03. 2011 from Canada

    "Now reports have it that Austrian investigators convinced colleagues in the United States that the homepage must be taken off the web although activities on it did not breach any federal laws". One wonders what form of bribery or blackmail took place to do this 'convincing'.


Cosmo and Nanu