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02. 08. 12. - 16:16

Salzburg cycle deaths increase

The number of cyclist deaths in Salzburg is on the increase.

So far this year six people have been killed in cycling accidents, almost reaching the total number of cyclist deaths for 2011.

The statistics also show that the most cyclist accidents occur in July and August. These summer months are when the most cyclists go out on their bikes.

Failing to pay due care and attention, careless behaviour, drinking and cycling, lack of technical equipment, cyclist errors and over confidence are common reasons for cycling accidents, including falls, collisions with other cyclists, pedestrians and motorists.

Rainer Kolator from the Salzburg Road Safety Authority said: "Cycling is dangerous. We have seen a stark increase in the number of accidents and a dramatic increase in cyclists injured, this is an alarming trend."

In 2011 there were seven cyclist deaths reported meaning Salzburg had the third highest number of deaths after Upper Austria and Lower Austria.

"There has been another stark increase in the number of cycling accidents. 520 accidents in 2010 to 627 accidents in 2011. This is a relatively big increase," said Kolator.

However, statistics show that more cyclists than ever before are wearing cycle helmets.

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