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09. 07. 12. - 15:03

Woman killed as Ducati driver ploughs into her in Austrian Alps

A woman was killed after a British motorbiker ploughed into a crowd of fans watching a nostalgic motorbike rally on the Grossglockner High Alpine Road in Fuschertörl, Austria on Saturday.

The British Ducati driver according to local police lost control of his bike in a left curve and hit a pavement before ploughing into a group of fans watching the race.

31-year-old Christina S. from Lower Austria died at the scene. Her father and another fan were also hit but escaped with minor injuries.

The motorbiker who was competing for the Glockner Trophy was propelled thirty metres through the air before landing in a serious condition.

Local restaurant owner Robert Sallaberger in Fuschertörl said: "We were unable to save the young woman. I helped rescue the motorbike rider who was also injured.

Josef Rattensperger from Bruck police who are dealing with the accident said: "The event is not a race in the classic sense. Participants take part in the historic motorbike event, they have to complete two races, but high speed does not play a role. Participants are required to abide by the laws of the road.

It is alleged that the British motorbiker who caused the accident disregarded the road traffic regulations as witnesses claim he was driving too quickly.

Now investigators are checking whether there were any technical faults with the bike.

Meanwhile the Brit remains in a critical condition in hospital in Austria.

Organisers of the race are facing criticism about a lack of safety fences towards the end of the race track where fans were watching.

Police are who are investigating whether the organiser 'Motor Veterens Club Zell am See' stuck to the rules regarding safety fences claim they believe all safety measures were met.

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