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28. 05. 12. - 13:28

Revolutionary new germ free material found

A firm in the Austrian Tirol has developed a surface which they claim no bacteria can live on.

The company Amistec in Kössen, Tirol, say they hope the unique project could in future be utilised in hospitals to stop bacteria and germs spreading.  Every year at least 170,000 people die in Europe from infections they picked up in hospitals despite all attempts to disinfect work surfaces.

Josef Peter Guggenbichler from Kitzbuhel has thirty years experience as a doctor and hospital boss and used that when he founded the company Amistec.

He said: "With this newly developed technology we can provide surfaces where bacteria are unable to breed and grow. It can wipe out 100's of millions of bacteria within a few hours."

This development could revolutionise the development of hospital hygiene, he said.

The company has already had interest in their product from medical specialists around the world from Brazil through to China.

Guggenbichler however says the hospital option is just a start and that Amistec has other projects in their sights, such as the development of bacteria free water tanks to stop algae developing.

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