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07. 06. 12. - 13:11

Snakes Alive

Woman driver Andrea Meschnark-Gumpitsch got a shock when she was travelling down the Karawankenautobahn in Austria when a snake suddenly appeared on the windscreen.

Fire brigade officials said that the snake had probably been in the engine and as it heated up the snake decided to look for somewhere a bit cooler.

The Austrian woman from Villach pulled onto the hard shoulder and then immediately called emergency services who managed to recover the snake. It had already crawled back into the car and was hiding under the passenger seat after the vehicle stopped.

She said: "I was suddenly staring straight into his eyes as it looked at me through the glass and I was pretty worried that it might be able to crawl into the car – which in fact it did after I parked."

Fireman said the snake was a venomous common European viper (Vipera berus) and after it was captured it was taken further away and released into the wild again.

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